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C-R.o has developed strong examples of municipal hazard mitigation plans, not only meeting FEMA requirements, but gaining broader public input, addressing vulnerable populations, business sector issues, man-made hazards and post-event recovery. The plans aim for community self-reliance.  An  example for a larger town is Hartford, Vermont.  A small town example is Tunbridge.

Several documents have been created to assist the public process. This is a simple information sheet, preferred by the planning commissions for use as a handout at public meetings, on what hazard mitigation planning is.

Our hazards checklist helps build needed information on the history of hazard events in town, and a vulnerability audit helps staff and participants think about both individual and community self-reliance.

A new tool very useful for Vermont citizens is and the final report from the Institute for Sustainable Communities' Resilient Vermont project includes many recommended policy strategies.
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