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Rebuilding 4 Resiliency

C-R.o worked with students at Norwich University's School of Architecture and Art to conduct a design charette with Vermont example properties hit hard by Tropical Storm Irene, and then created the Property Owner's Guide to Re-Building for Flood Resiliency: a quick guide useful to
 property owners, starting the first day after a major flooding disaster hits.

Included is the re-construction of a South Royalton house after the White River raged through it during Tropical Storm Irene.  The historic house, built in 1805, is raised four feet (compare photos via the maple tree), and armored with a "breakwater"  wall on its upstream side.  Note this house is not located in the mapped flood hazard zone, so was not subject to FEMA standards for reconstruction.   The owner did have insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program, but that did not cover any mitigation measures of raising and armoring the structure.

Streambank stabilization: C-R.o collaborated with the Composting Association of Vermont and the White River Partnership to test using compost, specially-formulated to hold moisture but not affect river water quality, to help streambank plantings survive on the extremely dry conditions left by traditional rock rip-rapping.  See this slide link for comparisons between transects.  The picture below is the site one month later.

 We've hatched a pilot project to help build the broad social cohesion needed to help individuals and communities face and recover from future disaster events more quickly.  See

Innovative Floodproofing for Bulkheads: See this UTube for a simple, inexpensive approach, based on the Grolsch-type gasketed beer bottle, that's bound to work better than sandbagging…  at:
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